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For all the CEO who are reading this blog, I’m here for you. Do not hesitate to contact me. My name is Marc, I’m a retired business man who did a lot of money with the IT sector. I’m here give you some advices.

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How to increase sales in retail

Increasing sales is the aim of every business owner whether you are selling products or services sales are everything to a business owner. Retail businesses usually have small margins. This makes increasing sales the only way to increase profits. For instance let’s say you have a retail shop that sells pots. If your profit margin…

By BusinessDeveloper 11 June 2020 Off

Salary increase in a business

There are some business owners who actually hate this part of a business. This is where you actually increase the salary of your employees. There are several reasons why salary increase occurs in almost every business sector. The two most common salary increase causes are a rise in living costs and market changes. When we…

By BusinessDeveloper 22 May 2020 Off