Is Big Data a good career opportunity?

Is Big Data a good career opportunity?

16 December 2020 Off By southerncelebrationsmag

Data is the new oil,” and that makes people working in line with the use of Big Data “oil workers.” There have been many questions surrounding developing a career in big data. This article will enlighten you on the career opportunities in big data and if it’s a good career path.

Big Data Career Opportunities

Despite the many eulogies, there is still much that remains unknown about data career opportunities. There are lots of job opportunities for individuals working with big data. Below are some of them.

Data Analysis

This is the most basic Big Data career path. A data analyst is basically a professional who uses data to answer questions. Data analysts can work in every aspect of a company. They can work with the marketing team to identify the marketing efforts with the most ROI or the HR team to ascertain company growth. A data analyst has an intermediate level of understanding of Python, SQL, Data Visualization and so on. Individuals can build on this towards becoming a data scientist or a data engineer.

Data Science

While a data analyst gives answers to the current situations using Big Data, a data scientist gives prediction of future occurrences. As a matter of fact, data scientists can forecast the growth in ROI or company growth while analyzing it at the same time by examining the current data. To develop a career in data science, individuals must have solid understanding of machine learning methods, statistics, and a top-notch ability to evaluate statistical models. They have to know about advanced data science programming skills in Python or React and other big data tools like Apache Spark.

Data Engineering

While Data Analysis and Data Science focuses on mathematical and statistical skills, data engineering focuses on programming skills. This is because the job of a data engineer focuses on developing the data infrastructure of an organization. Data Engineers build the structure through which data scientists and data analysts can have easy access to data. To become a data engineer you need advanced programming skills in Python to enable you to work with large datasets and building data pipelines. You also need advanced SQL skills and be conversant with systems like Postgres.

This list does not rank big data careers using any criteria. They are all important and none supersedes the others.

Reasons Why Big Data Is a Good Career Opportunity

These opportunities are scattered across almost every niche as every 21st century firm works with Big Data. Below are some reasons you should take big data as a career path.

Very Good Salary and Other Financial Benefits

The aim of working is to get paid and Big Data careers ensure you get paid. Big data careers offer as much as $70,000—$130,000 yearly depending on your level as well as your role. Some companies even offer yearly bonuses as well as company stocks to their big data workers. If anything does not convince you to take big data as a career path, the opportunity of earning millions of dollars should.

Amazing Career Growth Prospects

This is also another benefit of taking the big data career path. A data analyst has the prospect of becoming a data scientist or data engineer. All the analyst needs to do is improve on the skills the prospective role demands. This is relatively easier considering that the analyst already has some of these skills. Data analysts, scientists or engineers also have the opportunity of getting into managerial roles. Who would manage the company better than one who works with information? The opportunities while working in a company are limitless.

Multiple Career Opportunities

​​​​​​While the previous point talks about growth opportunities in an organization, this point emphasizes the opportunities in different organizations. A data analyst, scientist or engineer can work in every company. This is because every company in this present time needs the help of a big data professional to effectively use big data to make accurate decisions.

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